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Following the night of a storm, we got a call from the homeowner of this property stating there were shingles in his yard. We were on site a few hours later identifying significant damages to the roof. We quickly realized that the shingles on the home were discontinued due to the fault of the manufacturing company. We made a quick call to the insurance company and had a brand new roof for the homeowner bought within 2 weeks of the storm. 

Only a roofing expert could identify the faulty shingles, and handle dealing with the insurance company in making sure that they cover every penny of repairs. With our knowledge and experience at Tatum's Roofing, we will get every roof that needs replacement bought by the insurance company!

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If you’re looking for a certified Roofing Contractor to manage a complex job, then this project is a true testament to my abilities to deliver exemplary results under time and financial pressure.

Although this home is a ranch style home does not look complex, we pointed out that the sheathing underneath the shingles was not up to building code. Because of that, we requested the insurance company replace the sheathing in its entirety. After working with the insurance adjuster, we were able to pull the homeowner's policy and the new construction coding and get the sheathing approved for replacement as well. 

Because we went the extra mile in replacing the part of the roof that the shingles are nailed into, we were able to warranty our workmen ship. A lot of roofing contractors would not know to look for different building codes, but with our background and experience we know what the homeowner is entitled to by their insurance policy.